CF welcomes Coach Mike Lingle

Getting to know the new CF head softball coach.


Coach Mike Lingle has been the assistant coach of CF’s Softball team for 11 years. He has now taken the new role as the head coach for this season.

Lexia Thomas, Staff Writer

CF is glad to announce that we have a new softball coach this season. He has big, bright plans for the future of CF softball team.  

 Coach Mike Lingle began coaching at Forest High School in 1999. He was the JV coach for 2 years then took over as the Varsity coach for 8 years. 

Lingle’s coaching philosophy is simple, and that is, “Good pitching, great defense, and timely hitting. Hard work, discipline, and paying special attention to detail is vital to team success.”        

“Winning is the cornerstone of our foundation in this program,” said Lingle, “You don’t get to have those “special times” with athletes if you don’t win.”  

 “Athletes who are not willing to make adjustments and get out of their comfort zone can sometimes be difficult to work with.”  

He hopes that with a good relationship and mutual respect, we can work together to reach her full potential 

“Planning and preparation is EVERYTHING!,” said Lingle. He spends twice the amount of time they spend on the field just planning and preparing to make sure they are ready for any situation in a game. 

 “We run a tight “military like” style program which keeps us on time, while being very structured and detailed from practices we run, to the game day procedures,” said Lingle.  

 “Quality over quantity is a must,” said Lingle, “When you are able to blend the two together, you start to see great strides in the potential of the athletes.” 

Lingle recruits around the nation about 22 weeks (about 5 months) out of the year. CF offers softball camps all year long where Monday night hitting has been a hit, selling out for the past nine years. 

When interviewing a couple of the girls on the team these were their thoughts on the coach and how they feel about this transition.  

“Lingle has done a great job filling the position and keeping us all motivated and pushing us to be our best,” said Caroline Jacquay. 

Getting into a new routine was hard when we first started, but how Lingle was so positive and encouraging made everyone feel better. I believe he’s doing a great job,” said player Emily Dixon.  

 “There is always going to be someone in this world who is trying to be better than you“, and that motivation enough for him 

Lingle’s goal this softball season is “Represent the college with class and pride, while carrying on the winning tradition that Coach Fagan and I began together here nine years ago.” 

We expect to win going into every game. We trust the time and preparation we have put into it,” said Lingle.  

If you would like more information on the CF softball camps you can visit for more details.  

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