Adult Education at CF

     Adult Education is a program offered by CF to help adult students receive their high school diploma and prepare them for their future. This program is an important aspect of CF’s goal to set students on the right path for their future. 

     Dr. Vernon Lawter, Vice President of Reginal Campuses, spoke about why offering Adult Education is an important aspect of CF.  

    “Adult Education is a bridge to connect students who have been unsuccessful in traditional schooling with career and postsecondary opportunities. CF is committed to transforming the lives of our community members, and in some cases that includes helping students to become college ready. The Adult Education program provides a solid foundation for post-secondary education”, Said Lawter.  

     The Summer 2022 Semester is approaching and students looking to attend, should get started as soon as possible.
The Adult Education Classes are $30 per semester and last 12 weeks. Contact Christine Dunn, Coordinator of Adult Education at @[email protected] or 352-658-4077 Ext. 2119 regarding any question about the program.  

     Any students wanting to complete the courses online will use the program Plato. A student’s ability to complete the courses online will be determined based on a case-by-case assessment. These students are required to have a strong internet connection, valid email address, and a laptop, desktop or tablet.  

     Students interested in the program are required to be at least 16-years-old and have a State of Florida High School Equivalency Diploma.   

     Leah Gamble, Manager of Instructional Services, discussed how many students are in the program and the class size.  

     “CF offers Adult Education classes at the Levy Campus, which is essential to our tri-county area. Enrollment varies due to graduation rates and life circumstances; annually, we can serve well over 100 students. Our typical class size is 30 students per semester in the summer, with roughly 60 per semester in the fall and spring.” Said Gamble.  

     Gamble went on to discuss how online education has effected students in adult education. 

     “Success rate of online classes is truly a case-by-case basis, depending on a number of factors that the student brings to the program. Online classes may benefit students who are in need of a flexible schedule, but can be challenging for some who are not as self-motivated.” Said Gamble.  

    The program offers many additional tools for students to use. Dunn explained the tools that students in the adult education program can use to help their educational career. 

     “Students also have access to a Transition Specialist, who assists with college and career readiness. Our students also have access to all of the resources and activities a typical college student may receive at CF, such as access to student clubs and events, Educational Opportunity Center for assistance with college and financial aid applications, and Disability Services if needed.” Said Dunn.  

     Remember to contact Christine Dunn, Coordinator of Adult Education at [email protected] or 352-658-4077 Ext. 2119 regarding any questions about this program.