CF Welcomes a Yoga Studio

Namaste, CF Students! There is a yoga studio on campus located within the Leavy and Ocala Clifford B. Stearns Learning Resource Centers. The official name of the studio is the Wellness Center, this is because the space can be used for many different stress-reducing activities such as yoga, meditation, aromatherapy workshops and more.

Lori Witkowich, the advisor in charge of the Wellness Center, created the studio because she wanted students to have a dedicated space to recharge and unwind when they needed a quiet and peaceful environment.

“There are yoga mats, blocks, straps, and bolsters for yoga and meditation usage. There is a projector, computer, and audio for any presentation. There are extra-large bean bags for those who prefer to chill in the space,” Witkowich said.

Luckily, the space is open to all students and staff during the Learning Resource Center’s operating hours. Just make sure to remove your shoes before entering and clean any used mats before you leave.

Although there are no current classes or clubs being offered in the wellness center, Witkowich is working with Bob Zelinski, the Athletics Director, to schedule classes for Fall 2022.

Students looking forward to using the studio this semester are still able to use it for personal practice. Faithe Ruiz, a user of the wellness center, shares her experience with the studio:

“’I’ve used the space for personal practice, and plan to do more of that in future, and have shared the space a few times with colleagues to unwind and stretch ourselves,” Ruiz said.

Christine Forde, a yogi of Witkowich’s past classes, discusses why she believes the studio is beneficial:

“The center is a peaceful place to disconnect from distractions for a time, including the electronics on which we are heavily reliant,” Forde said.

Forde continues to discuss the benefits of the center. She goes on to say:

“The Mindfulness Center is the fulfillment of the vision of having a space for quiet contemplation which can serve in re-centering for focus on academic tasks and other areas of life,” Forde Said.

She continues: “It can serve students and employees along their path if they have already started a mindfulness, meditation, and/or yoga practice, as well as provide a welcoming, safe place to start a practice,” Forde said.

Students can easily get involved by emailing Witkowich if they are interested in contemplative practices. Any students who are interested in starting a club involving the studio or want to plan any future events in the space can contact Marjorie McGee, the Director of Student Life ([email protected]).

In her final regards to the studio Forde shared her hopes for the students who want to get involved.

Forde said, “I highly recommend a visit and hope that it may become a place of routine short retreats.”