CF’s Safety Should Be Important To Everyone

Ways to prevent this pandemic from continuing

Everyone has gone through a lot over the past year. Businesses were closed down, unemployment was high, and we were told to follow new standards given to us by the CDC.  

CF, in general, has gone through their very own hardships. Enrollment was low and classes were moved onto an online format. This caused many people to struggle with their classes.  

You can read about CF’s transition to online at: 

To prevent tragedies, all students, staff and faculty should respond to this pandemic in similar ways.  

After this harsh year, CF’s staff and faculty had tried their best to reopen the campus. Although they weren’t able to open all classes, they were able to open the classes that had involved more hands-on activities.  

One student, Ailyah Walcott, answered the question about what CF could do better to improve their classes 

“I think CF’s current tactics to keep everyone safe are pretty average,” said Walcott. “It’s the same as going into a store. They say masks are mandatory, label six-feet marks on the ground, and have hand sanitizer available everywhere.” 

She also made a comment about masking up.  

“In my opinion, masks are a safety precaution,” said Walcott. “They do not guarantee good health, but they do help make it harder for the virus to reach you.”  

Another student, Rachelle Levenson, had an opinion on what CF could do to increase safety on campus that would involve more students. 

“I believe CF should increase the maximum capacity in their classrooms,” said Levenson. “In my experience, online classes are difficult to keep up with, and I would prefer to attend them on campus instead.” 

Just like many others, Levenson said she also believed that enforcing a mask-on rule is a smart idea until the virus is completely under control.  

“It’s important to take personal health into consideration,” said Levenson. “If you don’t want to get sick, wear a mask: if you wouldn’t want to get others sick, you guessed it, wear a mask.” 

In October 2020, an article was written on the expectations of spring 2021. You can check it out at: 

CF is slowly trying to open the campuses for everyone, but they are still trying to keep everyone safe. They are still keeping many students online and are providing the students and faculty with events over Zoom so they can be involved with everyone else.  

If everyone would like life to get back to how it was a year ago, then we should all work together to prevent this virus.  

Ever since the vaccine was released people are slowly coming out of their shells again and are out in the world. This doesn’t mean that everyone is completely safe though. 

The vaccine hasn’t been proven to be a hundred percent efficient yet, but if we continue following CDC guidelines then everything should start to rapidly open up and start over as if nothing had happened.  

Us, as a community, can work together in this fight to rid this world of this virus. How we take on the rest of the year will determine the virus’s outcome.