Never Judge a Book by its Cover

What Journalism means to me


Growing up I was always into sports and the main thing that drew my attention were the interviews. When I got older, I understood the goals and reasons behind every player.  

Each player had a purpose and a reason to be on that field or court. Their stories captivated me, and I wanted to be the one to hear and draft those stories firsthand. 

From the age of 8, I knew I wanted to become a sports journalist and that I could change the world through my writing. The events I could write about and the stories I could tell would just be inspirational. 

Now as a nineteen- year-old, looking back I have read so many articles and posts that just made me either shed a tear or bring light into my own life.  

The people I can reach and the lessons that can be taught just through my writing are the main motivations for me. 

While being part of the Patriot Press this past year, I have written columns, editorials, and stories on not only sports, but pandemic related things as well. This past year has taught me that even if I love writing about sports, there are even greater messages beyond that field. 

It’s great to interview players or even just CF students in general and ask them why they chose CF. I was amazed by some of my answers. 

I have received answers like, “It wasn’t my first choice, but CF gave me an opportunity I never knew I needed”, to “My parents couldn’t afford a university, but CF has proven to be the place I needed all along.”  

A great athlete could be someone’s hero by the message they give, but what’s great from a journalistic standpoint, is that we get to see who the athletes hero and inspirations are. 

As a kid I always enjoyed the idea of writing and putting my thoughts on paper, and now being able to do that as well as tell others stories are incredible. 

So, what does journalism mean to me? It’s simple and it’s this. You can help get people’s voices heard, while also helping others you didn’t know you could simply through your words. 

Words portray such a delicate and high power meaning, journalism takes work and precautions with certain things, but the message you give and the people you reach are forever lifechanging. 

We need to help and get journalism back to what it used to be. We need more people to do those sports interviews and write those life stories. Journalism is such a special part of documenting those memories and making history for the future. 

Feature Image: MA Journalism | Oxford Brookes University

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