Covid-19’s Route to Normalization

A year of changes caused by our world’s global pandemic.

After more than a year, Covid-19 has changed the lives of many. Although it has also normalized a lot of things that have happened in our society that has resulted from it. 

The first initial reporting took place on December 31, 2019, and practically a month later on January 30, 2020, the government declared the virus to be a global health emergency. 

Wearing a mask became something that had to be done every day and classes were move to an online format.   

Businesses closed down and unemployment rates were higher than ever before. Testing sites became normalized and the testing for the vaccine was constant. 

With everything going on around our world globally, many things finally began to be seen as a normal occurrence 

It became normal and comfortable to some people to wear a mask and stay away from others. People stayed away or cancel large gatherings to avoid the virus from spreading. 

From what I’ve seen, many people that I work around don’t feel comfortable anymore if they didn’t wear a mask in public and they take all necessary precautions 

Some people would take these precautions by wearing gloves to avoid touching anything contaminated and will carry around things such as disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer.  

The world is surprisingly adjusting to the virus and it’s slowing down, but the death tolls are still a little higher up. 

This virus is declining due to everyone masking up and following social distancing guidelines. Although some people are opposed to masking up, everyone’s guard being up is another reason for this decline. 

Frontline workers have been more defensive with this virus by keeping things clean and sanitary. Along with that, many of those people have quarantined themselves away from their family to reduce any risks. 

These are hard times in our society that everyone has slowly been accustomed to. But everyone is trying their best to prevent the virus and to avoid spreading it to any of their loved ones. 

Luckily, everyone’s slowly starting to move back to a normal lifestyle similar to what they had before Covid appeared 

Classes are being moved slowly back to an in-person setting while giving the option to stay online if needed.  

Some businesses are finally opening back up and are allowing people to walk inside. Although some have required temperature checks at the doors. 

Curbsides services have also been introduced to many of our society’s main businesses, such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Best Buy, and so on. 

Contactless payment methods have been more frequently getting used.  

Although some things are still closed or in the process of opening, the world has slowly adjusted to this new lifestyle we’ve been living.  

It is a hope for many of us that this virus will eventually disappear completely so everyone can return back to their normal lives.