The show must go on!

CF’s virtual performance of “Intimate Apparel”

While school for the average CF student has been dramatically impacted by switching to an online format, it’s hard to imagine what it must be like for students involved in the performing arts.

On Oct. 15 -18, the CF Visual and Performing Arts program put on a Virtual Theater Performance of “ Intimate Apparel” by Lynn Nottage.

Getting a ticket for the performance was quick and easy. I had no troubles and joining the live stream was simple. I had gotten home from work with only 20 minutes before the play started and I got into the waiting room so fast, I had time to make snacks.

After watching the performance, the dedication of these students is plain as day. Connected only by a computer screen, these actors were still able to convey tension, despair, and awkward situations to the audience.

When you’re still able to see pieces of paper or cloth pass from one hand to another, you forgot that the performers were not actually in the same room as one another.

There were a couple technical difficulties in the show. Some glitches happened where the screen stopped moving but the sound continued and then there were times when the response of one actor to another lagged.

However, this was not a common thing and there was a scene when two individuals were arguing, and the actors were actually able to interrupt each other in an intentional moment. When you look at the circumstances, this is pretty impressive and, again, shows the level of dedication from the actors.

Ultimately, the play had all the elements of a live performance and despite some of the technical difficulties, was still able to pull emotion from the audience. If a performance can do that, then it’s done it’s job.