Covid-19 In The Workplace

Rules and requirements from different perspectives

With the prolonging of Covid-19, it seems to feel like part of our normal lives. From places shutting down, to mask and social distancing requirementsMany offices, however, have different requirements and rules regarding Covid-19. 

One office in Ocala requires their employees and patients to wear a mask the entire time in the office. The only exception is if the employees are at their desks or eating. 

At the office the front desk staff is required to take every patients temperature and ask a series of questions as the following: have you experienced any fever, nausea, chills, or have you been exposure within the last 14 days, etc. 

Whenever an employee has been exposed or has tested positive, the whole office must then get tested, and the person exposed must stay home for 14 days or until a negative test result. 

When interviewing two staff members about their thoughts on the requirements, this was their response. 

 “Covid-19 is a very contagious disease and even though you don’t feel contagious, you can still spread the virus to others. We must continue wearing a mask until we are vaccinated, and our immune systems have improved, said an MD 

“I feel more comfortable with the social distancing and wearing a mask. Diseases are less likely to be spread when they are not sneezing and coughing in the open”, said an MA 

People have different perspectives of Covid-19, and the way Covid-19 affects people vary as well. Youre never certain of tomorrow, but you can look forward to a better future if you take these precautions now. 

 Many different establishments have taken various precautions for Covid-19, by either temporarily closing, enforcing masks, or revamping cleaning procedures. 

At another office in Ocala, Florida, staff members and their superiors have chosen to keep a neutral stance in their covid-19 procedures, by letting individual patients decide protocol. 

Upon arrival, patients are handed a form to sign, and are prompted to select either “yes” or “no” as to whether or not they would like their provider to wear a mask while being treated.  

Patients are informed that they can choose to wear or forgot a mask themselves, and staff will provide them with a disposable mask upon request. This system seems to work well for everyone around the office, as it allows for change and flexibility per patient. 

According to the Case Manager in the office, staff members are staying on top of cleaning and sanitizing surfaces multiple times throughout the day.  

Tables are wiped down after every patient, patient pens have individual jars to separate clean from dirty, and hand sanitizer is available at every station. 

“Everyone on our staff has been very diligent about cleaning their areas in the office, everyone is responsible for doing their part,” said the case manager. 

One new staff member who previously worked where masks were required said that she sees the same amount of effort going into cleaning and safety that she saw at her old workplace. 

This new staff member said, “Almost everything is the same here compared to my last job, as long as you are smart and careful around others, everyone will stay safe.” 

Covid-19 has changed the bustling lifestyles many individuals were used to living, with some choosing to quarantine or limit travels, and some continuing their daily routines while wearing a mask.