CF Student Life’s Trivia Night

A fun evening of celebrating black artists’ achievements

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, CF Student Life hosted a Tuesday Game Night.  These trivia events are something which CF Student Life has been doing regularly.  

The theme of this particular trivia event was “Black Artists Trivia” and featured questions about the achievements of African-American artists throughout history.

As is the case with the other trivia events hosted by Student Life, participants played along in a socially distanced manner, joining in on a Zoom conference call and using the website Kahoot!, which allows students to answer multiple choice questions in real time. 

The event had 16 students participating in the Kahoot! game. It challenged its participants’ knowledge of black artists, such as painters, sculptors, and musicians, and their achievements throughout history.  

After certain questions had been answered, the host would read a bit of additional information about the artist that was the topic of the previous question.  Artists mentioned in the Kahoot! game included Bill Taylor, James Van Der Zee, and Gordon Parks. 

It was hosted by the Appleton Museum, which used the event to promote various exhibits that are on display in the museum that celebrate and offer information about African-American artists.  

Marjorie McGee, the director of CF Student Life, said that those from the Appleton were responsible for creating the trivia questions that were read on Kahoot!.

Emily Foust, the Visitor Services Specialist at the Appleton, read the 27 questions to the participants as she shared her screen on a Zoom conference call.  

Foust mentioned that the purpose of this event was to educate students about black artists that they might not have been familiar with previously.  She also felt that it had a dual purpose in promoting and giving recognition to the Appleton Museum and what it has to offer.

“We’re here in Ocala,” Foust said.  “We have a museum, and not a lot of people know we’re there. So it was kind of a dual mixture of bringing these artists to life and making that connection with people.” 

Also in attendance at the event was Jonia McGill, the Events Specialist at the Appleton Museum.

Both Foust and McGill answered questions from the participants throughout.  McGill mentioned that small replicas of one painting were available for purchase in the Appleton’s gift shop. 

The event proved to be an interesting way to bring students together in a socially distanced manner and to celebrate Black History Month.

After the game, McGee shared that CF Student Life is planning on holding more trivia and game nights in the future in the same format as this one.  

The next Tuesday Game Night that CF Student Life has planned will be a game of “Broken Picturephone” on March 9, from 6 p.m.-7 p.m.  

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