Discussing “Jobs of the Future” with Corinne Hoisington

How the workforce is changing due to Covid-19 and technology

On September 23, CF had an online event on technology skills and the job force in a post-coronavirus world, with main speaker Corinne Hoisington.

Hoisington is a professor at Central Virginia Community College and has written over 30 books.  Being the youngest of nine and starting from humble beginnings, Hoisington lives what she teaches when discussing the best career paths in technology and how to excel at them.

Starting off the presentation with high energy, Hoisington pulled in her viewers and had them engage in the topics with an interactive PowerPoint, allowing viewers to react to the presentation just like they would a live video on Instagram or Facebook.

The presentation itself was a highlight on what the event was all about. “There are new ways to do almost anything,” said Hoisington. The presentation had many links, lively music, and the energy throughout was high.

One of the biggest topics Hoisington hit was what types of jobs college students should be looking into. Factoring pay, skills needed, and stability, she offered a range of options for students.

The idea of “Jobs of the Future ” is discovering which jobs are not in danger of going away, either due to technological advances or the changes in the workforce that we’ve seen due to Covid-19. These are jobs that are based in technology and are keeping up in our ever-evolving world.

Hoisington talked about how some students are reluctant to choose a job this way, when they would rather follow their passions and ambitions. For her, she wanted to be involved in art and museums. She quickly learned that she was better suited finding a good, stable job that she liked, and then with her success, be able to go to any museum she so desired.

“Sometimes your passion is just a hobby,” said Hoisington.

For some this was hard to hear. This generation has romanticized the idea of “finding one’s passion” and putting their all into it. Hoisington explained that while it’s important to follow your heart, you need to be smart with your career choices so you can actually do what you love.

“Even if you know you are going into a particular pathway, just try to pick up as many technology aspects in that career path, because we see how much the world is changing,” said Hoisington.

Which couldn’t be more accurate. This type of event would usually be something CF would hold on campus, with a live speaker, and free food at the end, along with in person questions and maybe even a photo opt or two.

The world is moving into a more technological direction than ever before and it is Hoisington’s advice that students prepare themselves as best they can for the jobs that will be secure, even in this ever-changing climate.

Hoisington concluded the virtual assembly with one of her favorite quotes.

“Don’t follow passion… follow opportunity and bring your passion with you,” said Hoisington.