How CF Students are Preparing for Finals


“Finals Week” for the Fall 2022 semester is just around the corner. For a lot of students this can be an extremely stressful time. Luckily, there are things that everyone can do to destress and efficiently study so they can ace those exams.

College of Central Florida did a great job of kicking off “Finals Week” with a “Stress Buster” event. This event was put on by CF Student Life and the Student Activities Board of the Ocala Campus. They did not disappoint. Students were given free food from a local BBQ, automatically entered into a various raffles, and were given the opportunity to decorate Christmas cookies, take pictures with cute puppies, or even get a free massage. All this was available right in Bedford Plaza on November 30th. What could have been a better way to reset before getting ready to study over the weekend?

But now, it is time to study. We reached out to various CF students and compiled a list of their study tips and pre-final rituals. Here they are:

  1. If your teacher gives a study guide. Complete it! A lot of time their exam questions come right from that.
  2. Do the assigned reading. It will take a while but you’ll be grateful in the end.
  3. Utilize your textbooks’ study features. A lot of digital textbooks enable you to search for keywords, highlight, find definitions, and have other helpful tools.
  4. If you’re confused or have a problem: reach out to your professor. They want you to succeed and most are willing to help.
  5. Study in groups. Study groups can help hold everyone accountable and keep you on task.
  6. Stay organized. It will be so much easier to study if you know where all your notes and flashcards are.
  7. Verify the day and time of your exam. This is not something you want to fail just because of a miscommunication.
  8. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before your finals. You’ll feel better and more focused.
  9. Arrive to your finals on time or a little early. Rushing to get there causes more stress.
  10. Once you sit down for your final, take a deep breath and make sure to read ALL the instructions before you get started.

Hopefully these tips are helpful and will benefit CF students in their efforts to get through “Finals Week.” Good luck!