A Farewell to one of our Lady Patriots

Her plans and goals after transferring from CF

Madison Edwards, 20, is the pitcher for the Lady Patriots here at CF. Edwards’s mom use to play slow pitch and that influenceEdwards at the age of six that she wanted to become a pitcher. 

Edwards attended Lake Gibson High where she was involved in softball as well as weightlifting. 

Edwards has always wanted to attend CF, but they didn’t reach out to her until she already committed to Palm Beach State College. However, CF brought Edwards on a visit to tour the college where she later than committed. 

The best game in Edwards’s career was last season against SCF. “I pitched a no hitter in five innings,” said Edwards. Her stats stand at 52.1 innings, 49 strikeoutsseven wins, and a 2.27 era. 

Edwards biggest takeaway from being a Lady Patriot is the character build. “Being under the coaching and having to endure both halves of the games and take a few loses has taught me a lot,” said Edwards. 

Edwards’s most inspirational person would be her grandfather. “He is wise, strong-willed and hilarious,” said Edwards. 

Even though Edwards loves softballher dream career is a K-9 officer, but her goal right now is to become an investigative journalist. 

Edwards would tell a younger softball player, Go for it and not give up. This opportunity will come when you least expect it.” 

The thing that motivates Edwards the most is her best friend. “She’s unable to play sports anymore, so I do it for her,” said Edwards. 

Edwards has been a huge asset to the Lady Patriots. She will leave behind a huge legacy. 

“Besides being one of the most accurate pitchers, her poker face and demeanor may get overlooked by her bulldog mentality she has inside”, said Coach Lingle. 

Even though Edwards perfected her craft, she is always striving for perfection. “She is currently number two in the state with 12 wins”, said Lingle. 

Maddie is a great teammate and is always trying to pick others up when down”, said Gianna Guerriero, centerfield for the Lady Patriots. 

Edwards is hardworking and dedicated. “I’m sad to see her leave after this year, but happy to see her go because I know she is going to do great things ahead,” said Gianna. 

The Lady Patriots are looking towards Edwards to dominate the team and lead them to a strong ending season. 

Edwards plans on following Coach Fagan, the previous softball head coach, and transferring to Emmanuel College after this season. 

If you would like more information on the Lady Patriots, you can visit: http://www.cfpatriots.net/sports/sball/index  

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