CF’s Softball Team’s back after Covid-19 ended their Season

A successful start to the CF Softball season

CF’s Softball program had endured a very sudden end to their spring season last school year due to Covid-19.

Everything was shut down effective-immediately and there was no questioning it. Everyone was sent home and went into immediate quarantine. 

This past fall, the softball team was very lucky to be able to practice at all. 

They practiced almost everyday and endured a two week quarantine when two baseball players and two softball players tested positive for Covid-19.

After those two weeks were up, both teams were so ready to get back onto the field and get back to practicing. 

They had to fill out daily Covid-Forms and take daily temperatures to ensure that everyone is feeling good and making sure no one is sick. If a form was missed it resulted in having to do some sort of cleaning.

Isabella Pinto, a student, made a statement about this upcoming season for the Patriots, “I feel like the season is going to go good this year and we are going to win a lot of games.”

“We still have things we need to improve on, but overall we are competitive and have good team chemistry, and that will take us far,” said Pinto.

The Patriots Softball team was so ready to be done with scrimmaging amongst themselves and finally be able to play some real games. They started their reason off in Clearwater, Florida and won all four of their games.

Chloe Nadler, a student, has a few words about this season, “I think that the team is going to personally do really well. Throughout our whole lineup, we have speed and power.”

The Patriots Softball have started the season with 15 strong wins against pretty good teams and two tuff losses. 

As the season goes on the team will work hard to become better on the field. 

A Grad Assistant, Ashley Harris, had a few words about how she feels the rest of the season is going to go, “I feel like the team is taking the transition from coaches very well by carrying the same mentality.”

The Patriots still have a long season ahead of them and will continue to show out. We will see how the team continues to grow throughout the long spring season and what will happen throughout their Conference and even maybe Nationals.

“Our defense is locked down and we have really good chemistry throughout the whole team. We definitely have a chance at a national championship this year,” Chloe also mentions.