Football players of Marion County: where are they now?

A glimpse into David Bishop’s life after high school.


Football season has always been an all-time favorite when it comes to American sports. Marion County is filled with young D1 aspiring football athletes that put their hearts out onto the field everytime they suit up.

Meet David Bishop. Played as a running back for Forest High School football team all four years. Bishop was born and raised in Ocala, Florida. At six feet tall, 190 lbs, This running back was a forced to be reckoned with.

He was ranked number 188 in Florida out of over a hundred thousand other football players at a high school level. With a total of 712 rushing yards in his career and over 100 carries, Bishop was more than an average running back.

Bishop graduated in 2017 and went onto finishing his schooling at the University of Central Florida studying to be an Accounting major.

In an interview with Bishop, he says that his last year playing football for Forest, in 2017, was his best year.

“This was the year that the team had the best connection that it has had in a while,” he said.

Bishop was one of the players to put his all out on the field. The only regret he has was that he wishes that he put himself out there more when it comes to recruiters.

“If I could do it all again I would, minus the high school part,” Bishop says.

Football has always been a passion of Bishop’s. But he also took part in the weightlifting team in high school.

With many awards and medals, it’s very clear Bishop worked hard as well as trained hard when it came to sports.