CF Update May 27, 2020

Plans for return to campus


Since Covid-19 has taken over, it’s put a lot of students at a standstill when it comes to getting their education the right way.

CF President Dr. James Henningsen said in an email to the faculty and staff. “As the governor has moved to partially re-open the State of Florida, we have also taken a measured approach to our transition period. With safety remaining the top priority, our goal is to continue to provide a learning experience for our students that yields the highest probability of success with minimal disruptions.

 We have made these decisions with serious consideration of the most recently available guidance from the Centers of Disease Control as well as the federal, state, and local officials. And we are making decisions now to allow adequate time for preparations.”

By August 17, the start of the fall semester, a majority of classes will be offered online. Career and technical programs will have selected classes on campus while following all safety protocols. 

With these precautions, CF is trying to make on-campus experiences as safe and helpful as possible to minimize the spread of this virus.