Hard Work Pays Off

CF Softball Takes The Conference Championship

CF Patriots’ softball is marching into the end of conference play with a dominant record of 39-6. Pats softball is becoming a better team the more they play. 

During the conference season they ran through beating Seminole State four times, Florida State College of Jacksonville four times, Lake Sumpter four times, and Santa Fe three times.

The CF Patriots softball worked hard to get where they are right now in the season, and through all the hard work that they put in got them the Conference Championship and a straight shot to the State Tournament.

Coach Lingle said, “These girls have proven time and time again that they are made to go deep into the postseason and we will continue to put in the work we have put in all season. No slacking off at the end of the season, we start hard and finish even harder, this game is all about finishing.”

The Patriots are going into the postseason with a sixteen game winning streak through conference play and they are determined to get the job done. This is one of the best CF softball teams that has come through in a long time. 

“This has been a good season for the girls and I and we will continue to work hard throughout the State Tournament and hopefully make it to Nationals in Arizona,” Chloe Nadler said about the team.

The CF Patriots need to tighten up the defensive side of the game including pitching, if they are going to continue to dominate. The CF Patriots softball team has shown that hitting the ball has not been a problem at all. Everyone on the team is batting very well and there are even girls that are leading the nation in batting statistics. 

The team loves to get closer with one another and find cool things to do in the Ocala area. 

The CF Patriots softball girls have gone to the bowling alley and made a whole night out of it. They even went to Rainbow River as a group and included all of their coaches in the trip. At the river they relaxed in kayaks and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Lingle said, “Everyday these ladies show up to the field with a smile on their faces and determination in their eyes to get better while they’re here.”

There are girls on the team that have committed to play at USC Upstate and Emanuel University but if everything goes as planned, there will be more girls committed after the season.

There are going to be some girls that are freshman and are going to be returning to CF for another year. As girls go through season at CF for softball they learn who they are as people within themselves and learn a lot about life.

The CF Patriots have all of the tools they need on both sides of the field to cruise through the conference tournament and head to States.