Benefits of jobs for CF student’s career paths

How working can teach us just like school does

Whether it’s part-time or full-time, for fun or for paying bills, working a job while working towards a degree is a common practice for many of us students attending college.

As we get closer to obtaining their college degree, we might begin looking for a job that is associated with our career paths. Some of us might work jobs that are not associated with our intended career paths, but still influence us in a negative or positive way regarding that work field.

According to the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (2002), “close to 70% of all college students work while enrolled.” (

The growing trend in students who work jobs outside of their college career might be explained for a few reasons, including funding our educations, or gaining workforce experience.

Funding is one example of why we might hold jobs while working as students, something that may become more prevalent due to bills limiting funding, explained here:

Working a job while working towards earning a college degree can benefit our future careers by adding experience to our academic achievements. Some jobs may require experience upon being hired with their company, which is sometimes difficult for full-time students who are focused on securing their education first.

CF student Sophia Givens, 18, is one example of a student who has had work experience that positively reinforced her decisions on the career path she is currently taking. Givens is working on her AA degree in business administration, and her previous work experience gave her insight to what her degree will entail.

“I previously worked retail which is beneficial for my bachelor’s because I will be a retail marketing major,” said Givens. “This has given me a good idea of what I’ll be dealing with in the future.”

Those of us that can balance an education and a job simultaneously may further our educational achievements by gaining a sense of the “real world” aspect for our intended career.

Some of us may work a job that deters us from making a specific career choice, or we might find that a certain job proves the career we desire is not what we expect.

While this “real world” experience might possibly show us what we don’t want in a future career, it can also solidify our choices for some future job endeavors.

Another CF student, Alissa Slowey, 19, said, “My job has influenced my career path by giving me the opportunity to see what it’s like working at a doctor’s office… it has furthered my passion to one day become a doctor myself.”

Working while taking classes is an opportunity that influences and presents many of us with different benefits, including paying tuition, gaining experience or providing insight for career decisions.

Working during this time may allow us to get a taste of our intended careers, which might then help drive us all to continue pursuing the educations associated with said careers.

Givens summed up her experience with working in her degree field and said, “It has given me more motivation to continue on.”