Farewell to Kelly Preston

Ocala has lost a kind role model

On July 12, Kelly Preston lost her two-year fight with cancer at the age of 57. Preston’s husband, John Travolta, had announced his farewell through Instagram. He said, “She fought a courageous fight with the love and support of so many.”

To the residents of Ocala, Preston was known for living with Travolta and her two living children in Anthony, which is north of Ocala. She was also known for being a role model to all her viewers.

According to Preston’s website, https://kellypreston.com/bio/ , “Kelly is also actively involved in education, drug reform and many different charitable organizations. As a result of her work, she has been acknowledged with numerous awards and recognition.” This website also consists of various works she’s done for the community.

Preston is known for many roles, such as in the films Twins (1988), Jerry Maguire (1996), Citizen Ruth (1996), For Love of the Game (1999), and so on. She has been a part of over 50 films.

After the passing of Preston’s and Travolta’s son, Jett Travolta, in 2009 they founded a charity named the Jett Travolta Foundation. The foundation’s website, https://www.jett-travolta-foundation.org/ , said “some of the Foundation’s specific objectives are to use its resources to assist and provide relief to children with vision, hearing, mobility, communication, behavior learning impairments or other special medical, environmental, health or educational needs.”

This foundation provides charity funds to various locations and it created an endowed scholarship of $2,500 to be of used at CF. According to the documents from CF’s Website, “The Jett Travolta scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing a degree aligned with the Visual and Performing Arts/Fine Arts program.”

With Preston’s charity and hard work, she was able to help provide for those who can’t properly provide for themselves. She leaves behind these acts of kindness and generosity as her legacy to all of the lives she touched, including the student’s at CF.