CF Webber Center hosts its annual art show


This is an art piece named Music which was created using acrylic by Danina Harrington, this piece is worth $150.

Janette Parker

In college most students are finding out what their passions are, what they like, and things they wouldn’t want to spend the rest of their lives doing. With so many talents and interests to explore, college is the place where students can magnify them in hopes to be the best.

Walking into the Webber Center the viewer is embraced with the calm scenery of the brown paint and lighting of the room. Looking from wall to wall there are countless paintings from the students of CF.Every year at CF in the Webber Center, there is a Student Art Show where art majors can submit their work for hundreds to view over the course of three weeks. This art gallery includes everything from original paintings to hand-made pottery.

This year the Student Art Show started on Monday, April 15 from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and continues to stay open every week, Monday through Thursday, until April 30th.

“I entered my work into the gallery to get feedback for people and it is also a good thing to add to your portfolio that you have submitted art into a gallery,” said Emily Bennett, an art major.

To name a few pieces any viewer should be expected to see are Mandela’s Smile, Ethiopia was Never Colonized, Music, and Accordion Mug.

As the years go on, there where fresh artists coming in and may want to know what all is needed to be apart of this annual gallery. According to Phyllis Pierazek a staff assistant, in order to enter the gallery, the student should be an art major and submit a fresh piece of art, not something that was created while in high school.

Viewing the exhibit, the viewers can see on a cue card; the name of the art piece, the form of art, the artist, and the price of piece. These facts can help if someone wants to buy the art or know who to send their opinions to.

“It’s so interesting to look at the art and think that college age kids created all of this. All of the art pieces are so original and aesthetically pleasing,” said Logan Schindehette, a second-year student.

Another plus side for upcoming artists is that artist can receive ribbons and awards for their submissions, CF itself may even purchase pieces to have on campus. Every year there are judges who give out honorable mentions and place awards such as first, second, and third place.

This creative function can encourage individuals to send in their greatest works or to spend more time perfecting a project they may be currently working on. This event can also allow artists to talk to others who may have similar styles and want to receive feedback without bias.

“When I went to the exhibit, I ran into someone from high school who saw my work and praised me for my improvement and how much my art has changed,” Bennet said.

While the spring semester is flying by, there are still four more opportunities to see the art from fellow students and members of the community. For more information on the Student Art Show and the arts call (352) 873-5809 or (352) 854-2322 ext. 1419.


Story & photos by: Janette Parker