Time to de-stress before finals


The flyer for stressbusters explaining everything that will be at the event.


The end of the year is close, and students are looking forward to summer vacation. There is just one looming barrier between them and summer: finals.

Finals mark the end of a class and semester. All the hard work and studying put in culminate into one final test of knowledge. Some students can find this stressful as they must recall a lot of info. Luckily, CF has come up with a way to relieve some of that stress.

Stressbusters this year occurred on the warm sunny day of April 24 between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. There was no room for stress with all the events that were offered.

“The main goal for students at stressbusters is to get students to have fun and de-stress,” said Marjorie Mcgee, director of Student Life.

The student activities board had one big surprise for students. During all the activity at stressbusters every 10 minutes or so there was a raffle for their giveaway. The prizes ranged from Google home minis to the grand prize being a laptop. Students were asked to check in and then given a red ticket. If your red tickets numbers were called, then you were a winner.

“The event looks amazing and the inflatables are cool,” said Sean Adeniji, a student here at CF. “I try to go to stressbusters every year.”

There was a 70-foot inflatable obstacle course along with a hungry hippos inflatable game. The hungry-hippos game involved students being bungee corded to the inflatable while trying to collect as many balls from the center as they could. As an incentive, the winner won a prize.

Free food was also being offered from PDQ. Students could chow down on their chicken tenders and then head over to the smoothie tent where there was the option between a mango or piña colada smoothie. The smoothies were free too of course.

However, one of the most popular tables at stressbusters was the massage table. A masseuse was available to give students a free massage. The table was so busy there was a wait list where you had to write down your name and wait to be called. While students were waiting sitting right on the table was a list of the benefits of massage. The five main benefits are decreases stress, increases circulation, balances well-being, strengthens the immune system, and relaxes the body, mind, and spirit.

“I think stressbusters is great,” Jennifer Magnasco said. “I come every year and I enjoy the variety of things to see.”

Finals can indeed be a stressful time of the school year for students.  Finals can literally make or break a grade for a class. Most finals account for at least 40 percent of a student’s grade. It is a lot of pressure to live up to. Luckily here at CF that is recognized and that is why stressbusters exist. Happy studying, and don’t stress too much!