M.E.G.A Monday: Faith–a–Palooza


The ROC Club promoting the word of God from the Holy Bible.

Reagan Knight


It was a pleasant, peaceful feeling yesterday in the Klein Center. CF’s Faith-a-Palooza brought together many religions and clubs to talk about and share their beliefs as well as encourage students the different religious clubs that CF has to offer.

This event that occurred on March 27, brought together everyone from different backgrounds that all promoted one thing: love.

“Several years ago the college hosted Faith-a-Palooza, and we decided to bring it back and invite different religions and philosophical groups to campus,” said Richard Kirk, an advisor for the Bhakti Yoga Club.

This year the Bhakti Yoga Club is sponsoring the event and their club is about getting in touch with your spiritual side, expanding your knowledge on yoga, and reconnecting through the process of self-realization known as Krishna Consciousness.

Peter Smith was the original founder of the Faith-a-Palooza and he used to support the humanist movement.

“Humanism is based on three guidelines; guided by reason, informed by experience, and inspired by compassion,” Smith said.

The goal of this event that he helped create was to bring unity to the college and to each club.

Some of the different religions and clubs that were there at the event included Islam, the AME Church (African Methodist Episcopal), ROC (Realizing Our Cause), Religion Sucks, Humanism, Bhakti Yoga Club, and Theosophy.

“ROC focuses around the word of God, and we focus on engaging people with the word of God and we also host many Bible studies to spread the good word,” said Madison Richardson, a member of ROC.

This meeting hasn’t been done in the past couple of years, but Kirk hopes to have more of the Faith-a-Palooza to encourage students to unify together and that we all share a common interest. This was an event that will surely inspire and welcome anyone who wishes to learn more spiritually and to find peace within themselves.

“We want students to come and share their beliefs in a relaxed setting and we want to continue to have this event annually so that we may bring more unity to the college and to the world around us,” said Kirk.

Story and photos by: Reagan Knight