International Film Series at CF: Selma


This photo was taken of the backside of the International Film Series brochure. Here it shows the movie that was shown on February 26, 2019, with a quick synopsis on what the film is about. The brochure features all future showings so the viewer will know what’s playing beforehand.


At CF there is never a dull moment. During the day the facilities are always filled from staff and students to members of the community. Though the facilities are packed, many individuals might not know of the events that go on after dark.

A new event that is a great addition to student life this year is the International Film Series. This series includes the weekly showing of an inspirational movie that impacts people of all ages and cultures.

“I like that there are two showings for the people who can’t make it to the 2 p.m. showing or who cannot drive to the Appleton Museum,” said Xiomara Simmon, 20.

The International Film Series takes place Tuesday’s at 2 p.m. in the Appleton Museum or a 7 p.m. viewing in building 8 room 110. On February 26, 2019, the film of the week was Selma which first hit theaters back in 2014. The coordinator of this series is Joseph Zimmerman who is also the senior professor of communications.

Watching the film during this series it truly feels as if the viewer is in a theater. This is because of the classroom setup which is a room filled with rows of seats without desks and there is a huge screen in the front.

Selma is a historical drama that delves into the Civil Rights Movement leader Dr. Martin Luther King. In this film, the viewer learns about the story of the March on Selma that many learned about in middle or high school.

Viewing a movie with a big historical influence during Black History Month sparked excitement amongst community members. At times like these where racial tension is high in the media, it is important to show a film that embodied peaceful protests.

“It feels so good being able to watch this empowering film on my college campus during Black History Month,” said Simmon. “It’s good to feel like things like this matter on our campus.”

CF is a very diverse college which can be seen from the types of clubs we offer on campus such as the African American Student Union to our international program on campus. With that being said the campus has made efforts of making the school as inclusive as possible.

“When I first heard of the International Film Series I didn’t know what to expect, I was invited to go by a friend and it turned out being pretty cool,” said Antonio Crumbley.

The International Film Series will continue to go on for the rest of 2019 and from the spring semester to the fall semester of next school year. Every month starring new movie picks hitting on a new subject. As of now, there will not be any repeated showings.

“The film sparked conversation and I ended up talking to people that I would’ve never expected,” said Crumbley.

Looking for a place to watch, learn, and communicate, the International Film Series is the place to be on Tuesday afternoons or nights. These thought-provoking films are free to watch and is very convenient for people who are already on campus.


Photos and story by: Janette Latrice Parker