Darian Williams

Stress Busters

All college students can relate to one another when it comes to the stress and anxiety of finals week. For some, finals can make or break their grade. For others (those who are succeeding in their courses and can afford bombing their finals), it is just “another exam.”

It’s the time of the year where students study the hardest, and their stress levels seem to be at a higher magnitude. Luckily, CF’s Stress Busters event gives its students a temporary break from the reality of finals approaching in the coming week.

Stress Busters this year took place on April 26 on CF’s main campus in Ocala in Bedford. It included free food, fun, music and lots of students.

This year the Student Activities Board turned it up a notch by having the Adrenelator and trampolines at the end for students to actively enjoy.

“The goal for Stress Busters is to give a friendly atmosphere for students to just destress and have fun the week before their finals,” said Sierra Oliver, Student Activities Board president. “Our goal is to let students know that their exams will go fine. We got you!”

A great turnout from the student body is what allows this event to take place each semester year in and year out. Not to mention that the event is free.

Sophomore students Gene Glover and Vanessa Ortiz, didn’t hesitate when asked what aspect of Stress Busters were they most fond of.

“The free food,” they said in unison.

“I think its beneficial to me,” Glover said. “It gives me the ability to put aside the schoolwork for a second and relax, and have fun a little bit before going back to finishing my final exams for the semester. I’d like to see more activities added [though]. Maybe like a basketball goal, and have a free throw shooting contest where the winner is awarded a prize at the end,”

Ortiz also said she’d like to see more activities added.

“More physical activities,” Ortiz said. “Not just a bounce house or trampoline thing because that can’t always accommodate everybody.”

Oliver says sending out an email to the entire student body with activity ideas for Stress Busters and letting the students choose them would enhance the overall experience.

Story and photo by: Darian Williams