Kyler Speagle

Professor Wirt as she walks around and helps/ converses with participants.

On Saturday, Oct 14, CF hosted an Alcohol Inks Art Workshop in Building 3, Room 105, at its Citrus Campus.

The workshop was held by CF as a public event funded by a school grant. Multi-media artist Bonnie Peterson hosted the workshop with the facilitation of CF professor Michele Wirt, and was free for the public.

As a professor and facilitator of the art department at CF, Wirt organized this workshop to draw the public’s interest to the college. CF host events for the public that range from Viking style chain making, to African American music performances, to alcohol art workshops like this.

“We host workshops like this and other cultural events that the community can participate in,” Wirt said. “They can be considered educational and recreational events.”

Examples of different mediums possible
With alcohol ink art

Although this is the first time CF has hosted an alcohol art painting workshop, the college has hosted various workshops, exhibits, and performances in the past 10 years that Wirt has been the Professor of visual arts and humanities.

“We try to host two workshops, six exhibits, and at least one performance a year,” Wirt said.

The event allowed nine members of the community to come experience, learn, and make their own alcohol art. They were given the opportunity to make their own masterpieces on both plastic film and ceramic tiles.

Multi-media artist Bonnie Peterson came prepared with plenty of supplies and handouts for participants so they would be able to recreate the art after the workshop was over. The handouts included information such as required supplies, different techniques, and other tips suggested for this type of art. At the end of the day, just as Peterson said many times, the workshop and alcohol art is all about going with the flow.

Each seat was set up in front of these supplies.

Peterson said she has been painting and interested in art since the young age of four, and learned of this art form from a not-for-profit adult education organization here in Ocala.

“I learned about alcohol art two years ago through Master the Possibilities,” Peterson said. “This is my first formal class or demonstration; I have taught relatives and friends in the past.”

Although required to RSVP prior to the workshop, participants were given the freedom to try whatever came to his or her mind with the access to the assistance of Peterson and Wirt. Community members like Sally Krasny came to enjoy the day to try something new and have fun.

“I found out about the workshop through the newspaper,” Krasny said. “I came to expand my horizons artistically, I’ve been into art for 40 years now.”

For more information on alcohol art or other multi media arts, feel free to contact Bonnie Peterson at (352)228-1807,  [email protected] or Michele Wirt at [email protected]

Story and photos by: Kyler Speagle