Kyler Speagle

CF recently hosted their third annual arts college fair, which took place at the Dassance Fine Arts Center between the time of 4 pm and 7 pm.

Whether these students do not have the slightest idea of where they would like to go, or they already have their future planned out to a ‘T’, Sarah Satterfield, a professor and music department chair, believes any student who is interested in art programs or the performing arts can benefit from seeing what the fair has to offer.

“The Arts College Fair enabled students to better understand what is necessary to transfer or gain admittance to arts programs from across the state,” Satterfield said. “Students are able to gather information such as brochures from different colleges and universities and obtain contact information for programs they wish to pursue further.”


Although the selection of colleges did not include art programs from around the country, the tables were set up and picked with the students’ best interests in mind.  Satterfield said they choose schools or universities in which students typically transfer to.

Along with each university, tables and presentations were also displayed representing the Appleton Museum. and information about DirectConnectToUCF. This fair seemed to have a little something for everyone.

For CF student Collin Basnight, the fair was another opportunity for him to get more information on what he wants to do after graduating.

“I was interested in the UCF table because I plan to transfer there after graduating from CF,” Basnight said. “I got some information on the film program and what it offers, as well as who to talk to at both UCF and Direct Connect.”

Each table was set up with brochures, pamphlets, and contact cards for their respective schools, as well as a representative from each university.

Some of these brochures contain information such as application deadlines and ways the students can get involved, while others display lists of program, undergraduate all the way up to Ph.Ds, the one thing that they all have in common is each person representing their college is trying to separate themselves from the rest.

All of the tables were set up and prepared, the only thing each speaker needed was an audience to talk to. Justin Marlin, Assistant Director of student services and administration for the Digital Worlds Institute at UF, constantly talked with students, parents, and faculty about what his program was, what is so different about it, and how it can be a beneficial path to take.

“The thing that sets us [Digital World at UF] apart from the rest is the fact that we try to integrate both our education with a real-world application and our students in a learning atmosphere together,” Marlin said. “In most places, art major students stick with the art students, and science major students stick with science students. What makes us different is we combined the two”.

No matter what stage you are at in your academic career, the Arts College Fair had information that could be useful to anyone trying to pursue a future in the arts.

Photos and Story by: Kyler Speagle