CF Veterans Association Honors Students and Graduates With Military-Style Challenge Coin


The CF Veterans Association is proud to announce its latest initiative to recognize outstanding students and graduates. The club is developing a military-style challenge coin that will be presented to both current and graduating CF student veterans, veteran dependents and veteran spouses.
The challenge coin is a long-standing tradition in the military community, often used to recognize the contributions and sacrifices of service members. The CF Veterans Association hopes to extend that tradition to honor those who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment in their education or service.
According to the Veterans Association advisor Fred Velez, “The challenge coin is a tangible way to show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication of our students and graduates. We wanted to create something that would have real meaning and value and that would be a source of pride for those who receive it.”
The challenge coin’s logo is yet to be determined, but the club is working on a design that reflects the spirit of CF and its commitment to veterans.
The club provides a community for veterans to connect with each other, get involved on campus, and access resources and support for their academic and personal success. The club is open to all students, not just veterans.
“We want to make sure that our veterans feel welcome and supported at [the] CF,” said Veterans Association president Dan Machado.
CF is home to approximately 300 student veterans, and the development of the challenge coin is just one of the many ways that the college is working to support its veterans and recognize their contributions.
The CF Veterans Association plans to present the challenge coins to veteran graduates and supporters at an upcoming ceremony. Those interested in learning more about the club and its initiatives can attend one of their meetings, held every Thursday at noon in the Veterans Center in Building 11 at CF’s Ocala campus.