Friday Talks @ CF. Cyber security: are you safe?


Jake Peterson

Cyber security is an extremely important topic. People use their devices every day and most of them aren’t worried about the chance of their information slipping through the cracks into the hands of a hacker. They need to be more aware of what’s going on so that they don’t lose their information.

On February 28, the CF Hampton Center hosted their Friday Talks at 8:30 a.m. The guests were greeted with a continental breakfast before the presentation began. Once in the presentation room, guests were given information guides on Cyber security.

Trish Dukeman hosted this Friday Talks and gave the guests critical information on the importance of Cyber security. She started off by introducing herself and also bringing the guests into the presentation.

They were told to introduce themselves and how they heard of the event. Everyone had a different answer, and everyone had unique and different backgrounds.

Dukeman focused on talking about who the main target of Cyber security is and why they are at risk the most. The main staging target is smaller organizations. She addresses that they are at risk the most because of their less sophisticated networks.

She also introduces this hacking device that people can buy online for around $45. It’s called a Rubber Ducky and it’s a USB hack that can do many things in the eyes of the beholder. She gave an example by saying that college students had used it to get past the Wi-Fi of their school.

Going into smaller businesses, Dukeman said that “Small Businesses make up 99.8% of all Florida.” The most reported Cyber security threats include, Phishing attacks, Ransomware, hacking, imposer scams, and environmental events.

“The lack of awareness of exactly how serious the threat is and that it applies to every baby, a child being a teenager…” said Dukeman. “Small business, big business, government, it applies.”

Dukeman really thinks that the lack of awareness between people and their devices is the biggest Cyber security threat to businesses today. 

“By being aware. By educating themselves. There’s a lot of information out there the federal government’s providing a lot of information for everybody…” said Dukeman. “And just being aware because basically everybody is a front line in this war, cyber war.”

Lois Brauckmuller, CF Director of Marketing, Public and Community Relations, was able to give her opinion on the presentation as well. She was asked what her favorite part of the presentation was and what she could take away from it.

“I appreciate that Trish Dukeman gave practical tips that can implemented by front line team members as well as business owners and CEO’s.” said Brauckmuller.

“Miss Dukeman brings extensive experience to this presentation and is providing information that is usable by anyone.” said Brauckmuller.

Ernie Miranda, a guest at this presentation, also made a few comments on the speech. He was asked about his favorite part and what he could take with him after the presentation.

“Having policies on handling security breaches and letting the customer know that he is responsible for any security breaches that occurs during the business, so they have to take ownership.” said Miranda.

“Security is a never-ending process…” said Miranda. “That even though that you have taken diligence and care, you need to keep up with best practices.”

Dukeman really stood out to her audience and really pulled them in and gave them something to listen and care about. 

Story and photos by: Jake Peterson