M.E.G.A Monday: Make your CF college experience more impactful



On Monday, September 30, 2019 there was a M.E.G.A Monday held in Building 3 in the Learning Commons Center at CF. This event was hosted by Dr. K and Dr. Kinnerd. 

M.E.G.A Mondays usually feature information about the campus as long as advice. On the 30th the main focus was making your college experience more impactful.

The event started with Dr. K handing off the microphone to Barry Schneider, a student CF that also helps run the food pantry. 

“We are looking for volunteers as well because we always need people to help out the food pantry Right now I’m kind of doing it by myself along with Dr. K,” said Schneider. “And there’s a lot of food resources So anybody wants to come and help them will always be well so it’s always good.“

 “All we do is basically make sorts of the food that comes in and on Thursday right now about 1 to 1:45 we just hand out bags to people who come in and eat it,” said Schneider. The only exception is you will need to have a CF ID to receive food.

“There will also be some surveys for you to fill out if you want to come there and get some food,” said Schneider. “But don’t worry is totally anonymous your name does not go on it is just for collecting general information such as your gender or your financial situation stuff like that just for information purposes.”

From there Schneider handed the microphone to Dr. Kinnerd. She spoke about an event hosted by CF that will advocate for the recognition of domestic violence. CF is hosting this event to show remembrance of a former employee, Debra Vasquez, who was murdered by her husband. 

“On October 5, will meet here and the buses will take us to OPD (Ocala Police Department),” said Dr. Kinnerd. “The bus will be here, pick us up to take us to OPD. at eight o’clock we will walk back here.”

“M.E.G.A Monday was interesting, I honestly had no idea it was a thing until my friend told me about it,” said second-year student, Kaylee Bruner. Bruner says she thinks she will return for another Mega Monday in the future.

“ M.E.G.A Monday really showed me events that will be on campus that I would never have known before,” said Bruner.

Mega Monday this week was all about promoting students to be involved in school activities. The staff that ran the event were really helpful and welcoming. Free food and drinks were provided as well.