CF Arts College Fair prepare students for the next level


Auzree Thomas


The Arts College Fair is where different colleges from different programs come together to give students the opportunity to learn how to get into their school. For example, the University of South Florida, the University of Florida, the University of North Florida, and The Appleton Museum are the different programs that attended the Arts College Fair. Alongside these different art programs, advising groups from CF were present also.

If students plan to transfer to a university to pursue a degree in the arts program, this event would’ve been perfect for them to attend. It can be different types of arts programs including digital media, music, theater or dance.

Dr. Sarah Statterfield is the chairman of the visual and performing arts program at CF. She explains that each year in the fall, CF invites representatives from all the major schools in the state of Florida.

“CF students and also high school students come here to talk to the representatives about how to transfer into their programs, what courses to take, and what requirements are for the critical dates for the transfer process,” said Satterfield. 

This event has been going around for six years and Satterfield believes that it grows every year due to the improvement that all these schools have been doing.

Griselle Gonzalez, from the Appleton Museum of Art, is the gift shop manager. She opens up and says that the museum is free to all CF students. Also, there is an art room in the museum full of different types of paintings and any art activities such as drawing and painting.

“The current exhibit I have open is ‘Do No Bleach: Stephanie Brown’ and it’s a positive exhibit that promotes the color of your skin, your eye color, or the way your hair is and not changing it. I would recommend students to come and see.” said Gonzalez.

She stated that Christmas events are coming up around December and a real big exhibit that’s coming up that includes big artists.

Reginald Joseph, from USF, believes that their Theatre, Dance, and Music program helps develop students into better individuals and let them express themselves as well as communicating and how they feel to different people.

“It’s very important for artists to exist and show up to be apart of their community because we do address what’s going on at this time, whether it’s political or not. We teach different things, and as I said, we’re the historians of the world,” said Joseph.

Students that are interested in joining any type of arts program need to take advantage of these events because they give them a variety of information for them to learn what is expected to get into these programs. These types of events prepare students to achieve their goals early and to let them know they’re on the right track. 
Story by: Auzree Thomas