M.E.G.A. Monday

M.E.G.A. Monday held in building 40 in the Klein Conference Center was filled with students, faculty, and staff eager to teach and learn about the path to reaching your goals at CF.

Eight information tables were spread across the Klein Center each with different majors and career paths manned with multiple faculty members there to direct CF students into the correct path to finishing their degree.

when asked about his experience at M.E.G.A. Monday Alphonso Gordon said: “The stem table really helped me figure out how many classes I had to take to graduate by next semester.”

M.E.G.A. Monday’s topic also stressed how important it is for students to have a plan and knowing what it is they have to do graduate as soon as possible.

“We don’t want students wasting time money and energy,” said Debbie Bowe, when speaking about CF students and the importance of knowing what’s next.

M.E.G.A. Monday was also apart of the fall 2018 start smart fellows workshops. There are multiple of the start smart workshops on CF campuses every month for the fall semester.

[email protected] is committed to CF students success and workshops and programs like the the one held at M.E.G.A. Monday will insure that CF students achieve their goals.

Bowe, who is the Dean Of Students Success here at CF, stressed how much support students have here on the Ocala campus to reach their full potential.

“Students can always ask a faculty member for direction or advice on their program of studies or their major,” Bowe said.

Next week’s M.E.G.A. Monday will be held in the Webber Center from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. The topic will be about the arts and the gig economy.


Story by Jalen Roberts