CF’s 2018-19 Club Rush

Jalen Roberts

This year’s Club Rush for the fall semester of 2018-19 seemed to be a smashing hit, bringing students a little bit of everything from games and food, to the wonderful Florida heat. This was an event for students to unwind and have fun while learning about some of the great clubs that CF’s Ocala campus has to offer.

Nearly 400 students showed up to skim the tables of approximately 40 different clubs and organizations. Mingling with other fellow students and dancing to music played throughout this gathering was the highlight of this event.

Students, like freshmen Vincent Lombardi, loved the environment of this year’s club rush. When asked about his experience at the event, he said:

“I really enjoyed Club Rush because everyone was so welcoming and nice. I also loved all of the great clubs, especially the Imprints table because of the great art.”

The Imprints table was very popular with the attending students at Club-Rush. It may have been the fact that Imprints is a student created art magazine which went well with CF’s artistic students. Madison Hastings, a member of Imprints, shared a few thoughts about her club.

“Imprints is a club that’s been around since the early 2000’s,” Hastings said. “So we are trying to reinvent ourselves and show more variety of arts in our magazine. So being at Club Rush is really big for us this year.”

Another great club represented at Club Rush was the Salsa Club. If you like to get your groove on every Monday and Wednesday during the activity period, then the Salsa Club is for you. A club that lets you let loose in an enclosed environment so that you’re comfortable dancing and being you. Shawn Robinson, a returning member to the Salsa Club, was quoted saying:

“Salsa Club is a fun group where students get to come out, dance, feel good, and relieve some stress,” Robinson said. “We would also like to improve our class number from last semester, so club rush is important with helping us do that.”

Club Rush was not only for the fun and games and clubs. There was a little room for politics as republican senate member Keith Perry was in attendance at Club Rush. Senator Perry attended to develop his name and his policy to a younger audience. When asked about the events of club rush he said:

“This is awesome! I only expected 50 people, but it’s great seeing everyone enjoying themselves.”

With the huge turnout of this year’s Club Rush, students and clubs involved in the years to come should expect nothing but the same or maybe a little more. This years’ event was an example of how CF’s Club Rush should feel and look like.

Story by: Jalen Roberts